Professional Alto Saxophone

Growling Sax Uprise Series Professional Alto Saxophone Unlacquered + Boss

Growling Sax Uprise Series Professional Alto Saxophone Unlacquered + Boss
Growling Sax Uprise Series Professional Alto Saxophone Unlacquered + Boss
Growling Sax Uprise Series Professional Alto Saxophone Unlacquered + Boss

Growling Sax Uprise Series Professional Alto Saxophone Unlacquered + Boss
This Alto Growls With the Big Cats. Sweetwater is an Authorized Growling Sax + Boss Dealer.

Growling Sax G1-UAUL + Boss DB-30 Value Bundle. Saxophone, Brass, with Oversized Bell, High F# Key, Rolled Tone Holes, Pisoni Pads, Blue Steel Springs, Adjustable Palm Keys, MOP Key Touches, Hand Engraving, and Hard Case - Unlacquered Electronic Metronome with Nine Rhythms and 24 Variations, Odd Time Signature Support, and Visual Practice Assistance. While paying homage to legendary saxophone designs of the past, Growling Sax's flagship Uprise Series alto horn is packed with modern innovation. Boasting flawless, ergonomic keywork, excellent intonation, and premium performance-enhancing features such as an oversized bell, rolled tone holes, and Pisoni pads, the Uprise alto benefits from state-of-the-art design and manufacturing methods that enable a level of precision (and dare we say, perfection) that was simply unattainable in the previous century. The result is a gorgeous-looking instrument that serves up a big, lusty sound and feels incredible to play as your fingers glide over its elegant pearls.

Complete with mouthpiece, cap, ligature, strap, and hard case, the Growling Sax Uprise Series alto saxophone is value packed and ready to rumble. If you're on the prowl for an outstanding professional alto sax, the Growling Sax Uprise Series alto deserves your serious consideration.

A true player's horn. Growling Sax lavished painstaking attention on their robust key system to provide you with confident fingering, which you'll particularly appreciate during fast, difficult passages. But whether you're finessing an adagio line or firing off a flurry of notes, you'll appreciate the fluid, synergistic response of this superb saxophone as your fingertips savor the luxurious feel of its elegant mother-of-pearl key touches. Saxophonists use different altissimo fingerings; however you access it, you'll find that the Uprise Series alto slots the altissimo range effortlessly.

And the same goes for subtones. The height-adjustable palm keys are a thoughtful feature, comfortably fitting the curvature of your hand.

If you change your hand position as your technique advances, the Growling Sax Uprise alto is an instrument that will evolve along with you on your career trajectory. With its smoothly ergonomic keywork and responsive action powered by blued steel springs - the professional standard for durable, perfectly tensioned keywork - the Uprise Series alto is a true player's horn. The Growling Sax Uprise Series alto has several unique, performance-enhancing features that will nurture your technique and advance your continuing development as an artist.

The first thing you'll notice is the extra-large bell, which assists in projecting the horn's powerful sound. Also notable are its rolled tone holes, which provide a larger surface area for the pads to make contact with. Painstakingly crafted, the tone holes are individually drawn and rolled. This not only gives you longer pad life; many saxophonists feel it delivers a broader sound with faster response and increased projection, as compared with horns that have straight toneholes. The Uprise alto's premium Italian Pisoni pads (another pro industry standard) provide a leak-free, airtight fit while delivering a big, bright, and assertive tone that brings your notes to life. As do all Growling Sax instruments, the Uprise Series alto is equipped with a custom mechanism that provides additional support to prevent the G# and low C# keys from sticking (a common issue with many saxophones). Other Uprise Series features include full brass construction, double-braced low keys, and beautiful artisanal hand engraving with the unique Growling Sax "Tiger" motif.

Growling Sax: a new breed of saxophone. The saxophone has come a long way since its invention in the 1840s. The middle of the 20th century, in particular, saw important changes to the instrument that greatly improved its tone and playability. Today's cutting-edge technology and advanced materials science enable high-precision design and manufacturing unimaginable even a few decades ago.

Meticulously crafting beautiful, thoroughly modern instruments that honor tradition while pushing the performance envelope, Growling Sax represents this new breed of saxophone. Founded by veteran saxophonist Melvin Quinones, Growling Sax incorporates decades of professional playing experience and engineering expertise into every instrument they produce. Ergonomically designed with immaculate keywork and optimized mechanisms, Growling Sax horns deliver exceptional sound, intonation, and playability to meet the demands of discerning saxophonists worldwide. Sweetwater is excited to present to you the innovative saxophones of Growling Sax. Growling Sax Uprise Series Professional Alto Saxophone Features.

Brass body, bell, and neck. Upper and lower key screw adjustment. Adjustable palm key rising mechanism (D, Eb, E, F). Custom mechanism to prevent sticky G# and low C#.

Abalone or mother-of-pearl key touches (depending on finish). Full body and bell artisanal hand engraving with unique Growling Sax "Tiger" motif. Mouthpiece, cap, ligature, strap, and hard case included. The BOSS DB-30 electronic metronome helps musicians take their music to higher levels by offering a set of features that defies its diminutive size. Much more than just a simple timekeeper, the pocket-sized DB-30 metronome can lay down a variety of rhythm patterns and time feels to practice along with, and it has a few timekeeping tricks up its sleeve as well.

BOSS DB-30 Electronic Metronome at a Glance. Choose your pattern Pick from the DB-30's menu of nine rhythm types and 24 beat variations, including combinations of odd time signatures and clave patterns for practicing Latin rhythms. Who says practice has to be painful? Put some extra spice and groove into your next practice session with the DB-30!

Extras The BOSS DB-30 adds value with its smooth-flowing LCD needle for visual tempo assistance, and two bright LED lights visually assist your practice. Other helpful functions include Tap Tempo for finding the right pulse fast, internal reference tones (12 semitones), auto power off for optimizing battery life, and a headphone jack so you won't miss a beat, even in noisy environments. BOSS DB-30 Electronic Metronome Features. Handles time signatures up to 17 beats per measure.

Rhythmic beat patterns in various styles. Headphone output with volume control. Uprise Series Professional Alto Saxophone - Unlacquered Specifications. Upper and Lower Key Screws Adjustment, High Db/E/F Palm Key Screws Adjustment. More than 30 years in business. Free tech support from audio experts.

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Growling Sax Uprise Series Professional Alto Saxophone Unlacquered + Boss