Professional Alto Saxophone

Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom Professional Alto Saxophone Gold Lacquer

Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom Professional Alto Saxophone Gold Lacquer

Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom Professional Alto Saxophone Gold Lacquer

The Definitive Evolution of the Jazz Standard Alto. Sweetwater is an Authorized Yamaha Dealer. Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom Professional Alto Saxophone - Gold Lacquer.

Eb Alto Saxophone with Brass Alloy Body, High F# Key, Metal Pad Resonators, 1-piece Bell, MOP Key Touches, Hand Engraving, 4CM Mouthpiece, and Case - Gold Lacquer. Yamaha's Custom Z saxophones occupy a lofty perch in the modern jazz world. Having launched in 2003 and undergone development in collaboration with esteemed professional jazz saxophonists, the Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom alto saxophone has been continually improved to meet the requirements of the highest-level musicians.

As with all Yamaha saxophones, exceptional build quality and playability are baked in, with precision ergonomic keywork, excellent responsiveness, and superior intonation yielding an instrument that faithfully conveys every nuance of expression in your playing. And thanks to Yamaha's high-quality Japanese manufacturing and quality control, you can be assured that your YAS-82ZII Custom alto will go the distance throughout your career and advance your development as an artist. If you're on the prowl for a superb professional alto saxophone, look no further than the Yamaha YAS-82ZII. Impeccable ergonomics and responsive mechanisms.

The YAS-82ZII alto has everything you would expect of a professional saxophone, including a 1-piece bell, hand engraving, mother-of-pearl key touches, and of course, a high F# key. Whether you're playing an adagio line or firing off a flurry of notes, you'll appreciate the fluid, synergistic response of this superb saxophone as your fingers glide along the elegant MOP key touches. The YAS-82ZII features a redesigned ergonomic key layout featuring an improved low B-C# connection mechanism to facilitate economy of motion and confident fingering during challenging passages.

In the design phase, Yamaha's highly skilled artisans explored different techniques for crafting the bottom bow. After exhaustive experimentation, they determined that reducing the diameter of the low C and D toneholes and an application of Yamaha's proprietary acoustic annealing process enhanced low-note playability and equalized resistance throughout the instrument's range.

Hand-hammered 1-piece bell with intricate hand engraving. When revising the YAS-82Z for the mark II edition, Yamaha examined the construction techniques used to produce sought-after vintage instruments, leading to a significant performance-enhancing upgrade. The YAS-82ZII Custom features a 1-piece bell, which, like the body and neck, is hand hammered by Yamaha's expert craftspeople.

The 1-piece bell provides focused and impactful bass tones, surpassing the low-end response of 2-piece bells, while opening up the horn's overall tonality. Plus, the bell features graceful hand engraving with a delicate floral design that accentuates the instrument's natural beauty and evokes Yamaha's tradition of old-world craftsmanship. The YAS-82ZII also features metal pad resonators that provide a leak-free, airtight fit while delivering a big, assertive tone that brings your notes to life. V1 neck: free-blowing design with wide bore taper. Yamaha outfitted the YAS-82ZII Custom alto saxophone with their V1 neck - a top choice among experienced and professional saxophonists. The V1 neck offers Yamaha's widest bore taper and delivers a big, broad, bright tone and a responsive feel. With its free-blowing design, the V1 gives you total control over the dynamics and timbral variation of your Custom EX. Growling, raspy, breathy, or sweet - the V1 neck allows you to explore the full voice of your instrument, and you can push it as hard as you want with the confidence you'll be rewarded with a commanding sound. To complement the V1 neck, Yamaha has included their redesigned custom Ebonite 4CM mouthpiece. The baffle and other areas of internal chamber have been reshaped for increased projection and optimal tone.

The tip shape has also been modified for additional comfort and embouchure control. Designed with input from preeminent jazz saxophonists, the Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom alto is considered an industry standard in that genre.

But versatility being one of the attributes of a great professional saxophone, you'll actually find pro players in many genres who rely on the YAS-82ZII as their main alto. Saxophonists who play both jazz and classical, for instance, can choose an appropriate mouthpiece and reed to customize their horn for the music at hand.

However you set it up, the Yamaha YAS-82ZII is an impeccably designed and crafted professional instrument that sounds incredible, is comfortable to play, and continuously evolves along with you on your musical journey. Yamaha saxophones: designed and built for artists.

In 1967, Yamaha debuted their first saxophones: the YAS-1 alto and the YTS-1 tenor. Both found favor in the sax player community. In fact, jazz great John Coltrane, who built his reputation on the tenor and soprano, played the prototype YAS-1 gifted him by Yamaha extensively during his 1966 tour of Japan. In 1972, Yamaha partnered with renowned classical saxophonist Dr. Eugene Rousseau to develop a new line of professional-class saxophones.

After arduous years of prototyping, testing, and revisions, Yamaha introduced the fruits of their labor: the YAS-62 alto, the YTS-62 tenor, and the YSS-62 soprano. Designed with three guiding principles in mind - superior acoustics, top-notch mechanisms, and artistic feel - the 62 series saxophones represented a milestone for Yamaha, setting the company on the path to becoming one of the world's most-respected saxophone makers. Today, Yamaha continues to adhere to the principles established during the creation of the original 62 series nearly a half century ago, providing saxophonists with fine instruments to inspire their artistry and meet their technical demands. Sweetwater is proud to offer you Yamaha's distinguished saxophone line, which offers outstanding value at every level, from student models to sophisticated professional saxophones heard in premier venues and concert halls around the globe. Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom Professional Alto Saxophone Features.

V1 neck with wide bore taper. Improved low B-C# connection mechanism.

Auxiliary Keys: high F#, front F. 4CM mouthpiece and Z Style case included.

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Yamaha YAS-82ZII Custom Professional Alto Saxophone Gold Lacquer